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Jazz Festival

A very special thank you to everyone that supported the Highland High School Marching Band's drive to replace our sousaphones!


The Highland Band Boosters is a non-profit 501(3)c organization and 100% of your donation goes toward the band program at Highland High School.  The band program includes Concert Bands, Jazz Bands and the Marching Band and is one of the top ten programs in Arizona.  Your generous donation will ensure that the Highland Band Program continues to be one of the best in Arizona.  Thank you!

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General Band Donation

General Band Donation

Please select this option to make a donation to the Highland Band Boosters. After Clicking the button, enter the amount you want to pay under Item Price in the Paypal screen on the left and hit Update. You will be charged a 2.26% + $0.30 convenience fee (Listed as tax & shipping on the screen.) for using this payment method.
This is not a Arizona State Tax Credit. Please use the form below if you wish to do a tax credit.

Tax Credit Donoation

Taxpayers filing in Arizona have the unique opportunity to redirect a portion of state tax dollars they already pay, to public education. 
The credit allows an Arizona taxpayer to contribute $200 per individual tax return or $400 per joint tax return to a school’s extra curricular program.
 How to contribute:
You may download and print the Tax Credit Donation Form.  There is one for Elementary Schools and one for Secondary Schools  
You will then need to complete and mail the form to the address found on the bottom of the form.
When the new Online Tax Credit Contribution is ready and available, you may make your tax credit contribution online by using a link that will be provided.





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